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Optional components

  • Relays options:
    • single 10A relay
    • dual 10A relays
    • single 16A relay
  • PIR sensor: make your SwitchMote detect motion (think security!) or automatically turn on lights when you enter your basement or dark room (super useful!)
  • Moteino: The Moteino is optional as you may choose to provide your own custom built or previously purchased Moteino. You could even use a Moteino USB. But the overall width of the unit matches that of a standard Moteino.
  • Button cap colors: You have the option to choose 1 or 3 buttons, and several colors for button caps. If you do not specify button colors you will get WHITE cap(s) by default.

Kit includes (shown with 2x10A relays, 1x16A relay, PIR sensor):

Please note:

  • When you pick a Moteino from the options above, it comes with the FLASH-MEM chip for OTA/Wireless Programming
  • The R3 PSU does not include a fuse anymore as this is not required by the RECOM PSU (has one internally). A PCB trace fuse was added as well to the PSU R3.


Assembled kit and comparison to original SwitchMote:

SwitchMote2x10A assembly SwitchMote2x10A assembly

With PIR motion sensor:

SwitchMote2x10A assembly