SwitchMote 1x30A Kit

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SwitchMote1x30A Kit

Details, disclaimer, safety, assembly instructions:

  • PLEASE READ the disclaimer and assembly/product guide before you buy!
  • By purchasing SwitchMote PSU you agree with the terms of the disclaimer and take full responsibility for how you assemble and use SwitchMote PSU
  • Solder from small to large components, follow guide here for step-by-step assembly instructions (similar for all SwitchMotes)
  • If you live in a 220-240V country choose the 250V fuse


  • Mains 120-250V input powers the DC 5V side (isolated from AC side through RECOM PSU).
  • Wirelessly control heavy AC loads via the onboard 30A 250V relay. See Moteino sample sketch used in video demo.
  • It accepts a Moteino that can be used to wirelessly control the relay or be a remote sensing node powered by mains.
  • 2oz copper trickness and double sided load traces
  • flammability rated PCB material, has safety features like creapage routed slots, fuse, varistor, and 3kV isolation through the UL certified RECOM PSU.
  • It converts from 120-250V mains voltage to 5V/400mA
  • Has footprint where Moteino can be inserted - available separate
  • Add Moteino to wirelessly control the relay, or can be controlled from any MCU, onboard transistor allows a logic HIGH to drive the relay (via Moteino pin D7).
  • PSU can be used for other projects where mains to 5V conversion is needed in a tight package
  • Only 2 mains wires required to power up: "NEUTRAL" and "HOT". The "OUT" terminal is driven via the relay.


SwitchMote1x30A Schematic