SwitchMote Button Breakout

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What it is:

  • front plate 3-button and LED breakout included in SwitchMotes
  • use as general purpose button/LED breakout that can fit into a standard wall electrical box
  • comes with acrylic cover, LEDs+spacers, resistors, buttons+caps
  • red LEDs use 1.5Kohm resistors, green LEDs use 470ohm resistors, all marked on silkscreen
  • will fit mounting into a standard electrical box as seen in pictures
  • can be mated with a SwitchMote-PSU or used independently
  • control it easily from a Moteino all buttons and LEDs are broken out on the sides (3 buttons and 6 LEDs)
  • optionally you can order just the PCB

Kit components:



Assembled kit, can be installed in an electric box with standard cover: