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This is the R3 revision of the Power Supply Unit (PSU) for SwitchMote 2x10A

Note that on this R3 SwtichMote PSU the DC side components are now SMD assembled, you will only need to solder the larger components and the headers.

Optionally you may order the assembly service, and the unit will be completely assembled and tested as seen in the photos (with the relay options you choose).

Does not include Moteino, you may purchase a Moteino separately.

You can use this as a standalone 120-250V to 5V power supply. It can host up to 2 mechanical relay that can switch two 10A@250V loads, or a single 16A 250V load.
Use with Moteino to wirelessly control the relays or be a remote sensing node powered by mains. The PCB is rated for flammability, has safety features like creapage slots, PCB fuse, varistor for transients, and 3kV DC isolation through the UL/CE certified RECOM AC-DC power supply. The RECOM supply now also includes an internal fuse. The included kit MOV is only required at 220V, but should be soldered to the PCB anyway in case the board is ever powered from 220V.

See the RAC02-05SGA supply datasheet here for details on safety and certifications.

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  • It converts from 120-250V mains voltage to 5V/400mA
  • matching headers for mating with Moteino for wireless relay control
  • dual 10A-250V or single 16A-250V mechanical relays - Add Moteino to wirelessly control the relays (Relay1 on D7 and Relay2 on D3), or can be controlled from any MCU, onboard transistors allows a logic HIGH to drive the relays
  • PSU can be used for other projects where mains to 5V conversion is needed in a tight package
  • Only 2 mains wires required to power up: neutral and hot. Connect neutral to "N" and hot to "H". Connect switched load to the switched relay "S1" and "S2" terminals
  • SwitchMote 2x10A R2 full Kit is available separately here

Kit includes what is pictured (relays: either two 10A relays - black, or one 16A relay - orange):