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Now available in the EU from Welectron (Germany)

ATXRaspi is a smart power controller for RaspberryPi or similar embedded systems running form a 5V input. It allows you to have an external shutdown/reboot button to turn on/off and reset your RaspberryPi or similar system without a need to login or to issue manual shutdown/reboot commands. This is especially useful where your Pi is embedded in a product and requires user intervention to control power.

Default Shutdown/Reboot behavior (note changes in R3):

  • A short press (250ms+) will triggers a shutdown, and a long press (1500ms+) triggers a reboot
  • A continued very long (~6s) press forces cutting power off regardless of system status (BootOK signal HIGH/LOW). For latching switch mode, putting switch in OFF position will issue a SHUTDOWN signal if BOOTOK is HIGH, or will cut power after (~6s) if the BOOTOK is LOW
  • The ATXRaspi is now available with the following functions (default settings: Momentary-Button, Short-Press-Shutdown, Reboot-Enabled):
    • short press (250ms+) triggers a shutdown, long press (1500ms+) triggers a reboot
    • without reboot function, ie long press (1500ms+) triggers a shutdown, and no reboot on short or long press
    • without reboot function and short-press shutdown (250ms+) triggers a shutdown
  • You may request other custom firmware (different delays etc) and we will do our best to meet your needs

New function: Full shutdown/reboot from software via Soft-BTN pin:

ATXRaspi R3 introduces a new function - the ability to reboot/shutdown the unit from software, without the need of additional hardware (like in previous versions). All is needed is a GPIO connection to the Pi or host system, which needs to be asserted (HIGH) for the required delay (depending on the Short-Press-Shutdown setting). Essentially this Soft-BTN, when asserted HIGH, is equivalent to pressing the physical power button. For more details see this page in the guide.

Behavior changes via solder jumpers:

You may use the solder jumpers on the bottom to change the behavior of ATXRaspi. There are 3 settings (solder jumpers):

When ATXRaspi is first powered up, you will notice 3 sequences of RED LED blinks, separated by 0.5s delays. These blinks indicate the state of the settings below, in the following order:

  • Latching-BTN
    • Open (default, 1 blink) - this implies you are using a momentary switch/button (non-latching)
    • Closed (2 blinks) - solder this jumper closed to use a latching switch (ie toggle button or similar)
  • Reset-Enable
    • Closed (default, 1 blink) - reboot is enabled
    • Open (2 blinks) - cut this jumper open to disable the reboot function
  • Short-Press-Shutdown (ignored when Latching-BTN jumper is closed)
    • Closed (default, 1 blink) - short press triggers shutdown, long press triggers reboot
    • Open (2 blinks) - You may cut this jumper open to invert the reboot/shutdown delays (short-press triggers a reboot, long press triggers shutdown - this was the default behavior up until R2.8)
      • ​Errata for Short-Press-Reboot/Long-Press-Shutdown (2 blinks) - instead of cutting the jumper - it requires a 1K resistor soldered from this jumper or from LED+ to 5V (from input 5V) to activate this mode - this will be fixed in next release. Example how this can be achieved in the meantime:

Install, demo and reboot function (R2.6 shown - with short press reboot, long press shutdown):

Technical details and installation:  click here

What you get:

  • ATXRaspi board with separate straight or right-angle male headers (headers not soldered)

Extra add-ons:

  • USB type A output connector (not soldered)
  • 2.1mm input barrell jack (available separately)
  • 8" micro-USB cable to power to your Pi (to be used with the USB-A connector). Can also power ATXRaspi.
  • Premium high quality jumper wire (4 pack, available separately) - these high quality wires are especially useful for the power pins to avoid low voltage warnings you might see with cheap/poorly crimped jumper wires
  • High quality (chrome finish) momentary button wih integrated green power symbol light, shown in video above, available separately:
  • High quality (black anodized finish) latching button wih integrated blue power symbol light, available separately:
  • High quality (black) latching rocking switch wih integrated green LED, available separately: