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What it is:

  • RTCRaspi is a Real Time Clock module designed for RaspberryPi (all versions)
  • based on the popular DS1307 i2C real time chip from Maxim (see datasheet here)
  • It works with all DS1307 supported libraries
  • DS1307 chip requires 5V, but will work with 3.3V data lines (plug an play with RaspberryPi)
  • For use with ArduinoUNOs, you will need to bridge the 3.3V and 5V pins (see pinout)
  • Can be used with Moteinos the same way, but you will need a 5V source to power the RTC chip
  • May come in Red or Green (if you have a preference leave a comment at checkout)

What you get:

  • RTCRaspi tested board
  • 2x3 female double length extended header for RaspberryPi
  • CR1220 coin cell


  • solder the provided header or an equivalent 2x3 header to the first 6 pins of the side double header
  • make sure the coin battery is inserted into the coin cell slot
  • connect as shown to your Pi
  • Note: only the first (right most) 6 pins of the double header are actually needed, all other pins are not connected/used in any way





Configuration and usage:

  • See this guide for configuring and using it on your Pi (DS1307 section)
  • For usage with ArduinoUNO or Moteino, connect as shown above, you will need 5V to the 5V pin, and connect the first 2 pins of the double header together
    Then you can use one of the many Arduino libraries that support DS1307, and their examples (ex. adafruit's RTCLib)




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