RFGateway (M4)

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  • Compact RF Gateway board based on the SAMD51J19A Cortex M4 32bit 120Mhz ARM processor
  • Designed for use with RFM69 transceivers and RFM95/RFM96 LoRa transceivers
  • Includes 4MBIT flash chip
  • Plugs straight into a USB port, eliminating the inconvenience and noise of USB cables
  • Use with USB serial or UART serial: may be plugged in to the first 5 pins of the Pi where the serial port is located
  • Built in PCB USB connector (2.4mm PCB thickness)
  • Board definition included in the Moteino SAMD 1.6.0 package (instructions here: 

Takes a 4-point SMA straight or SMA 90 degree angled connector. Or you may solder a monopole wire antenna.



Installation in Arduino IDE:

To use RFGatewayM4 with ArduinoIDE you will need to install the latest Arduino SAMD Boards package and then also the Moteino SAMD Boards package by LowPowerLab.
First add the Moteino core json definition URL to your Board Manager. Then in Board Manager you will see Moteino SAMD Boards by LowPowerLab, install the latest version. You will then have a new set of Moteino boards including RFGateway M4 available as programming targets under the Tools>Boards menu.
Note: Arduino SAMD Boards package is also required to be installed.


Pin-Compatible radios:


What you get:

An assembled and tested RFGateway M4 board, no optional add-ons. The testing is done by loading a sample sketch to ensure functionality of radio transceiver module and onboard FLASH chip.
Side headers and transceiver are not included, you can add those from the options above. A monopole wire antenna is included separately when a transceiver is chosen.

See various SMA connector variants below for reference: