Moteino M0

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Now available in the EU from Welectron (Germany)

Ultra low power development board based on the SAMD21G18A Cortex M0+ 32bit ARM processor.
Designed for use with RFM69 transceivers and RFM95/RFM96 LoRa transceivers.
Ideal in projects where battery life is critical and which require the computing and peripheral diversity of SAMD ARM processors.

Guide & drivers:

Be sure to check out the MoteinoM0 Guide page for usage details and other more in-depth documentation.

Pin-Compatible radios:

What you get:

An assembled and tested MoteinoM0 board, no optional add-ons. The testing is done by loading the Moteino with a sample sketch to ensure functionality of radio transceiver module and FLASH chip (if any added).
Side headers and transceiver are not included, you can add those from the options above. A monopole wire antenna is included separately when a transceiver is chosen.

Optional add-ons:

  • Transceiver - when you pick an available transceiver it is soldered to the board and tested for you, includes a separate wire monopole antenna. Transceivers also available separately, see compatible list above.
  • Windbond 4MBIT FLASH-MEM - this is a very low sleep power FLASH chip that can be used for wireless programming or general data storage (512KBytes of memory), also available separately.
  • Headers