SonarMote Kit

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The R2 revision of the SonarMote PCB includes some fixes and lower power - just 10uA average when Moteino & peripherals put to sleep properly!

SonarMote Kit

For all assembly and programming details please see the SonarMote Guide

Kit includes:

  • SonarMote PCB
  • HC-SR04 ultrasonic/sonar distance sensor
  • 1x40 male and female headers
  • Three 1x4 female headers
  • acrylic case - may come in clear/white/black depending on availability


  • Lithium battery is NOT included because of stringent shipping restrictions on batteries, you will need to source this elsewhere
  • Moteino - may be purchased separately (no headers required).
    • NOTE: a standard Moteino (not MoteinoUSB!) is required to fit the provided lasercut enclosure.
    • NOTE: for standalone uses like a parking aid or simple distance reader the Moteino does not require a transceiver
      For projects like the sump pump monitor, a Moteino with radio transceiver is required, configure and purchase it separately to integrate into your Moteino network
  • OLED Display and RGB-LED - can be plugged right into the "OLED" and "RGB LED" header, see sample sketch for OLED programming and sample parking aid sensor sketch
  • Buzzer - can be soldered to the PCB for audio feedback, see sketch above for sample code

Here are some possible SonarMote applications:

SonarMote - Sump Pump Monitor

Cigarette inventory big rack

Cigarette inventory small rack


SonarMote parking sensor

FTDI Drivers / Installation:

When you plug one in the very first time, it will look for drivers you may not have installed.

This is a one time job and you can install them from here: (or the direct drivers from here:

The drivers also come bundled with the Arduino IDE, look for them in your Arduino/drivers installation folder.

Once the drivers are installed you should not have to install them again, however distinct devices will generate distinct COM ports on your PC.

Some users are reporting that on Mac OSX they need to install the specific driver for the FTDI FT231XS chip on Moteino-USB otherwise they get an error when attempting programming it: "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding". If you see no new serial port emulated when you plug it in, please head over to the link above to install the drivers and try again.