MotionMote Kit

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Assembly & programming guide: see this page

  • add these small motion sensors to your home for your own DIY home motion security
  • truly wireless motion detection, move them anywhere anytime
  • ultra low power: ~60uA whole unit current with the default PIR, less than 10uA whole unit current with Panasonic PIRs!
  • create motion zones and add them to your Moteino wireless network and watch for movement in your home
  • could be used with OLED display to show messages on your RF network or act as a motion monitor of another unit
  • onboard buzzer (optional): create an audio alert when motion is detected or make custom alerts/sounds for specific messages
  • case is white translucent (clear front when OLED ordered) and can be easily held together with transparent tape, or can be glued together with WELD-ON #3 acrylic cement
  • virtually any case color may be possible by special request (see selection here)
  • see this link for theory behind PIR sensors: 

Sample HC-SR501 PIR Kit (no BME280 sensor, white acrylic):


Sample Panasonic 2uA PIR Kit (with BME280 sensor & buzzer, black acrylic):

Kit options:

  • the HC-SR501 PIR sensor (50uA idle sensor current) - as supplies last. You can also source your own as long as it is the same type of PIR sensor and same pinout (GND, OUT, VCC). You will also get a white acrylic top cover with a cutout for the PIR sensor.
  • Panasonic ultra low power PIR sensors (2uA idle sensor current) - as supplies last. A round acrylic standoff is provided, along with the appropriate front cover
  • You can source your own OLED as long as this will be the same type of OLED and similar pinout (VCC, GND, SCL, SDA). You can get a clear acrylic top cover with this option.
  • Moteino with transceiver (RFM69 only, no FLASH MEM). Or you can use your own if you have one already or order separately. The sample code is for RFM69 based Moteinos only.

Now available in BLACK and CLEAR acrylic (unpon availability/request)!


Kit does NOT include:

  • battery - you will need to source this yourself. Please see the guide for acceptable battery dimensions and charging requirements.
  • acrylic glue - this is not really necessary. The enclosure is cut very precisely to hold together pretty tight wtihout any glue. Add clear tape for extra enforcement.


FTDI Drivers / Installation:

When you plug one in the very first time, it will look for drivers you may not have installed.

This is a one time job and you can install them from here: (or the direct drivers from here:

The drivers also come bundled with the Arduino IDE, look for them in your Arduino/drivers installation folder.

Once the drivers are installed you should not have to install them again, however distinct devices will generate distinct COM ports on your PC.

Some users are reporting that on Mac OSX they need to install the specific driver for the FTDI FT231XS chip on Moteino-USB otherwise they get an error when attempting programming it: "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding". If you see no new serial port emulated when you plug it in, please head over to the link above to install the drivers and try again.