Relay (3V)

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G5V-1-DC3 3V relay, used in GarageMote. Datasheet: click here.
Can be driven by 2 Arduino pins (set both to HIGH), or through a transistor.

Layout: SPDT (1 Form C)

Coil Data
Switches from 1 mA to 1 A
Coil Power: 150mW
Nominal Voltage: 3Vdc
Pick-Up Voltage: 2.4Vdc
Drop-Out Voltage: 0.3Vdc
Maximum Voltage: 4.5Vdc
Coil Resistance: 60ohm
Contact Data
Contact Rating: 0.5A 125Vac / 1A 30Vdc
Contact material: Silver (Ag), Gold (Au)
Maximum Switching Voltage: 125Vac / 60Vdc
Maximum Turn-On Time: 5 ms
Maximum Turn-Off Time: 5 ms
Dielectric Strength (Between Contacts): 400 VAC 1 min
Insulation Resistance: 1000 Mohm@500 VDC
Ambient Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +70°C
RoHS Compliant

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