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What it is:

Some projects require 5V but Moteino regulator only provides 3.3V. Moteino Power Shield is a multi functional shield that will fit on top or below a Moteino and provide a few nice to have functions in a very small package. Have tons of "dead" AA lying around? How about using them to power your Moteino projects for another few weeks or even months? The boost regulator on this shield will run on as little as 0.8V to generate up to 5V for those special sensors that demand 5V!
More details on the product details page. Initial blog entry here.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Lithium polymer battery charger onboard (MCP73831), charging at 500mA (click for datasheet)
  • Boost regulator provides 5V output (default),up to 400mA continuous output (click for LTC3525 datasheet)
  • Power your Moteino or other projects from a single AAA/AA cell, or alternatively from a rechargeable lithium battery
  • Charging status LED: ON while charging
  • USB mini-B port for charging 3.7v lithium batteries only - do not use with any other battery type
  • Small prototyping area allows you to solder your small circuits directly on the board and route the inputs/outputs to Moteino pins. Bottom row is all GND, vertical pins are connected together in parallel columns, like a breadboard
  • Integrated battery voltage level detector using RC components, read battery level on A7 of Moteino
  • JST 2mm connector for lithium batteries, or solderable pin holes for battery holders, etc
  • compact layout

Switch option:

If you want to switch the battery off, you have to open the "Always On" solder jumper, and you may solder a SPDT switch, such as this one or this one.


What you get:

  • Assembled and tested PowerShield
  • You can include a 8"  micro USB cable with it as an option or buy it separately if you need one
  • Battery or Moteino NOT included