MotionMote Kit

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Assembly & programming guide: see this page

  • add these small motion sensors to your home for your own DIY home motion security
  • small footprint: 47x43x25mm.
  • truly wireless motion detection, move them anywhere anytime
  • ultra low power: ~2uA whole unit current with the EKMB101111 Panasonic PIR
  • create motion zones and add them to your Moteino wireless network and watch for movement in your home
  • 3D printed enclosure in black or white PLA
  • see this link for theory behind PIR sensors: 

NOTE regarding radio transceiver option:

  • RFM69HCW (868-915mhz) is the default and recommended option, it comes with a compact helical antenna that fits perfectly inside the case.
  • RFM69HCW (433mhz) will come with a longer helical which will sit against the side wall of the enclosure, this should be OK.
  • As a courtesy the RFM95/96 LoRa radio options are also enabled but you will need to provide your own code/sketch or port the example sketch from RFM69 to RFM95.
  • The default sample sketch in the guide is for RFM69HCW transceivers.
  • The PCB also comes with edge-SMA (1.6mm thickness) and u.FL. connectors as optional mounts should you like to solder your own and make a custom enclosure.

Kit does NOT include:

  • CR123A battery - these are commonly available lithium batteries.


Please see the guide for schematic.