SwitchMote 1x30A

  • Similar to SwitchMotePSU, the SwitchMote1x30A is a compact fully isolated power supply that can provide 5V up to 400mA
  • 30A-250V onboard relay can drive heavy AC loads wirelessly via the Moteino. A sample sketch to control it can be found here. The relay has independent load connections on top for connecting standard QC 0.25″ terminals. They are in parallel with the Hot and Load PCB/blue screw terminal connections
  • 2oz copper thickness with double sided load traces, flamability rated PCB
  • same safety features as SwitchMote: 120/250V fuse, varistor, AC-DC 3kV isolation
  • Essential terminal connection difference: AC power needs to be hooked up through the Neutral and Hot terminals. The third terminal is for the Load only
  • Soldering assembly is very similar to SwitchMote
  • Schematic: