Safety & Disclaimer


Be prepared, be safe! Make sure to read this disclaimer and familiarize yourself with all the steps below before starting any work on SwitchMote assembly/install.

SwitchMote is isolated from mains electricity via the RECOM PSU (3kV isolation). Additional safety devices in the SwitchMote kit include a current limiting fuse and a MOV (metal oxide varistor) device to help protect against transients.

You should not attempt to assemble/install a SwitchMote if you are not familiar with mains wiring! Mains voltage can cause a fatal shock or start a fire when used improperly or negligently! Please consult this electrical safety handbook to understand how you can protect yourself and your equipment from electrical shock.

The SwitchMote is not an end consumer product but a kit and requires assembly/soldering and is intended for users comfortable/qualified to assemble it, taking who understand the safety measures neede for assembly, installation and use. Certain parts are polarized and require proper orientation before soldering otherwise SwitchMote may malfunction or not work.

SwitchMote also requires programming prior to it being functional, LowPowerLab is not liable for how the end user decides to assemble or use and customize the sample firmware code. The following information and sample code is meant as an educational resource only, to help guide the end user with assembly and better understand how SwitchMote can operate. The end user is fully responsible to ensure the final product will be electrically safe to operate.

Although as a whole, SwitchMote is not UL/CSA/CE certified, it uses a certified power supply. However SwitchMote comes with NO GUARANTEES expressed or implied and LowPowerLab is not liable for any injuries or damage caused by improper assembly or use of SwitchMote. It may be against code to install non UL certified equipment in your area, so you are responsible to make sure you are compliant or take any risks on your own. If you do not agree or understand the terms of this disclaimer you should not use SwitchMote. Use it at your own risk!