Electricity WARNING: whenever you touch anything that is or was connected to mains voltages you have to really know what you are doing, otherwise you may shock yourself to shivers. If you are not 100% sure, do yourself a favor and don’t touch anything. ATX power supplies, TVs, CRT/LCD monitors, among most other high voltage devices contain very large capacitors that can hold lethal charges that may or may not discharge after the device is unplugged. You should discharge these caps before touching the circuit.

Also, never ever poke inside a mains connected device. Ever. Period. This is very serious. Also, body and eye protection is a good idea when sparks can fly.

Chemicals WARNING: skin/body/eye/respiratory protection, and good ventilation is mandatory. Acids will burn your skin, cause toxic fumes, and stain everything they touch permanently. So use your brain for common sense here. For chemicals disposal your city should have a chemical recycle/disposal program, or a day per season/year when you can take all your hazardous materials/oils/acids/etc for them to properly dispose for you, call your town hall or check their website.

General DISCLAIMER: Anything displayed on this website is purely informational and should not be considered complete and accurate. Low Power Lab is not encouraging anyone to follow the instructions shared herein without fully understanding the risks. You are solely responsible for your projects and anything you assemble yourself. If you choose to do anything that involves electricity or chemicals, do so responsibly at your own risk, follow safety rules for the respective activity/product and don’t injure/kill yourself or burn down your house by being ignorant of the areas disclaimed here.

Enough warnings, be safe, and if you’re not sure, don’t do it!