SwitchMote is a unique smart light switch available as a customizable kit, and programmable in Arduino IDE. It was designed to be safe, easy to assemble, easy to use and program. It can be installed in standard US electrical boxes.

  • Replaces regular light switches allows remote control and monitoring of lights for automation purposes
  • SYNC feature independently links between multiple SwitchMotes to create light scenes without the need of a central gateway/coordinator
  • Up to 3 buttons and 6 status LEDs provide functionality and visual feedback
  • Motion detection via PIR motion sensor option in place of middle button, allows detecting motion and also automatic lights-on with off-timer (PIR sample sketch)
  • Wireless programming via Moteino eliminates the need to disconnect SwitchMote from the wall when you want to upgrade the firmware
  • SwitchMote PSU is the PSU standalone version, no front button panel, can be used to drive a 5V load wirelesly
  • Control one 16A load or two 10A loads via onboard mechanical relays
  • Safety features: 120V/250V input fuse and anti-transient MOV varistor, UL certified AC-DC power supply, routed slots and large clearance between high/low voltage circuits