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GPS bird tracker
« on: October 01, 2020, 05:13:20 AM »
Hello All,

I'm Miguel Angel from Spain, I've been working for a while with microcontroles like the esp8266 and sensors for home automation My youtube channel. But now I have something completely different and more challenging.

I just discovered Moteino yesterday and I think it is what I'm looking for.
I do free flight with macaws, and I want to be able to "attach" a gps to them. So my idea to reduce the size and weight to the maximum (this birds are around 1kg) is to a moteino or something similar transmit the gps position to a receiver (a person in the area) and in there process the information and display it with an esp8266 or something similar to a website and check it with my phone.

Do you think this might be possible?

I've been looking for parts to be able to build this project, and this is what I got:
GPS: I've selected this because is the smallest that I've found, and it's under 4 grams. GPS Datasheet
Moteino 8Mhz variant: because the GPS works on 3.3v this one would fit nicely without transforming voltages. Moteino 8Mhz
Battery: I haven't thought about it yet, but desirably It will be rechargeable and detachable with a separate charging station so we don't add extra pieces and weight to the bird unit.

What do you think about it?
Would it work?
Could we use different components that makes this even smaller or lighter?

I'll really apreciete your thoughts and knoledge sharing.
Thank you  :D


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Re: GPS bird tracker
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2020, 06:53:43 AM »

I've discovered that the GPS I was checking doesn't have an integrated antenna, therefore I would need an antenna which is bigger and heavier.
I've seen this GPS module which is use for drone racing GPS Link, It's bigger 18x18 and 5g could be an alternative.

Btw anyone knows the dimensions of the moteino?



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Re: GPS bird tracker
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2020, 10:31:43 AM »
Could it work? Best way is to try.

Dimensions of Moteino are here:
Any Moteino works at 3.3v, no need to go specifically with the 8mhz.
You will probably want to go with a LiPo for this project. They are compact and pack a lot of energy.
Since you have a GPS requirement you probably want a MoteinoMEGA because it has an extra hardware UART that can be dedicated to communication to the GPS. Although a serial uart can be setup on separate pins for that purpose, but I would choose a hardware UART.


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Re: GPS bird tracker
« Reply #3 on: October 06, 2020, 02:51:10 AM »
Thank you for the reply and recommendation Felix.

I have to stick with the smallest size and lightest, every gram counts ;D
I'll have to do the software uart.

I'll keep you posted once I start to receive the parts and prototype he project

Thanks :D