Design files


You can also find Eagle format board layout and DXF in the Moteino Github repository. The schematics for MoteinoUSB is available in PDF format.

Dimensional drawings

CAD model

There is now a CAD model for the Moteino-TraceAnt here:

And here’s one for MoteinoMEGA-TraceAnt here:

Fritzing components

Thanks to the generous contribution of Donnie Plumly there are now Fritzing Parts available for Moteino. Check out this Github repository¬†for the details. Here’s a video he put together that shows how he actually built the Moteino part in Fritzing:

Side note: although Fritzing is not the best PCB layout software, some folks find it visually appealing to start laying out a circuit in Fritzing and perhaps build a PCB from that if the schematic and routing requirements are pretty basic. It’s great for illustrations and getting started with basic schematic and circuit layout.