Introducing ATXRaspi R2

A new revision of ATXRaspi was in the works for a long time. Based on user input and other suggestions I came up with what I think is a better incarnation of it. Special thanks to Mike from mikesmicromania for all the valuable feedback and suggestions on this new revision!


Among other features:

  • all SMD components yield a more efficient layout and a leaner profile
  • More input options: microUSB, 0.1″ header, 2.1mm barrel jack
  • More output options: 0.1″ header, USB type A (female)
  • poly fuse footprint allows you to add your fuse of choice directly on the ATXRaspi (through hole or SMD)
  • onboard SMD LEDs help visualize signals between ATXRaspi and RaspberryPi
  • extra output power header pins (2x5V, 3xGND)
  • backwards compatible

This version is making a huge difference in manufacturing, as I assemble everything by hand. R1 was difficult and time consuming to assemble. While R1 worked great, the relay would be prone to voltage spikes and drops depending on the quality of the input supply, hence causing glitches and requiring multiple button presses to turn power on (an effect that was reduced by wrapping the output power wire around a ferrite bead). This new design uses a mosfet which drops only 10-15mV of power and these effects should not be manifested any more.

Just for fun, here’s the stencil I produced for ATXRaspi R2 with my DIY stencil method, and the results after paste application:

Please use the forum to submit more feedback and suggestions which are always welcome!

2 thoughts on “Introducing ATXRaspi R2

    • The mosfet is rated at 2.5 amps, but I haven’t tried anything close to that.
      It’s designed for a Raspberry Pi which should draw at most 1 amp under normal circumstances.

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