New SwitchMotes available

I’ve released some new SwitchMote kits after some requests by different users of SwitchMote. All SwitchMotes are wireless AC actuators, some designed to replace conventional light switches for the purpose of automating household light switching. Specifically there is a new dual 10A relay SwitchMote (and PSU):

There is a new assembly guide for this specific variant posted here. Here are some photos if it assembled and compared to the original SwitchMote:

Also there is a new single 30A relay SwitchMote PSU for heavy AC loads. The PCB for this particular one has double copper thickness to support the loads (2oz copper). Note that the relay has parallel posts at the top for heavy duty connectors as an option.

The demonstration of this PSU has already been posted in a video a few days ago:

The demo in the video uses the TxRxBlinky sketch. All of these are available at the Low Power Lab webStore. The SwitchMote guide page has been updated to include these new variants and the SwitchMote sketch was updated to support the new dual relay SwitchMote 2x10A.

SwitchMote project update and demo

I put together a quick video to show the progress of SwitchMote and a simple demonstration of how it works and how it can be used in home automation. My goal is to offer a smart wireless light switch controller that allows syncronization with other units independently (without the need of a gateway/coordinator) to create light scenes, and increase the usability of a regular light switch.

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What’s up at LowPowerLab?

Haven’t had much time to blog lately, too much stuff going on all fronts. That’s not to say LowPowerLab is idle, no no…. On the contrary the shop is keeping me busy and I have a few new projects I am working on. I am trying to bring a few kits to fruition.

First and foremost I’ve spent a lot of time developing an integrated solution for SwitchMote. I want this thing to come to life and just be awesome, I think I’ve spent way too much time on it to just let it die. I now have another prototype including a shield with 3 user buttons and 2 LEDs per button, which can all be used in any way, or left unpopulated if only 2 or 1 buttons are desired for a light switch. The point of having multiple buttons is being able to control or synch with other SwitchMotes or … do anything else you want like say … interact with GarageMote. I’ve managed to get a cover plate also that will be mounted on the wall to cover the switch box. I used the same diffused white I laser cut for the MotionMote project. I like that diffused white a lot, but there’s many possible colors on to choose from. For now I am continuing to develop this project, write code, adding some basic mains protection and getting all the physical engineering of this thing right. So far I’m pretty happy, it’s a pretty good improvement over the first prototype I had:

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