Older revision (R2)

PowerShield R2 is a combination of LiPo charger + 5V voltage booster + voltage monitor + prototype shield. This version is discontinued, for the latest revision please visit this page.


  • Lithium polymer battery charger, based on MCP73831, charging at 500mA through the onboard USB mini-B connector (2K charging resistor).
  • Boost regulator provides 5V output up to 400mA (click for LTC3525 datasheet)
  • Power your Moteino or other projects from a single AAA/AA cell, or alternatively from a rechargeable lithium battery
  • Side headers match the Moteino pin layout so you may stack your Moteino on top/below
  • Charging status LED: ON while charging
    WARNING: AVOID plugging the USB without LiPo battery attached.
  • Keep switch OFF while charging whenever possible
  • USB mini-B port for charging lithium batteries only
  • Small prototyping area allows you to solder your small circuits directly on the board and route the inputs/outputs to Moteino pins
  • Integrated battery voltage level detector using RC components, read battery level on A7 of Moteino (cut the trace leading to A7 if the trickle current leakage of this little passive voltage monitor is not desired)
  • Integrated SMD on/off switch controls power from battery, also solderable pin holes for an off-board switch if desired. Should be kept off to avoid any load while charging.
  • JST 2mm connector for lithium batteries, or solderable pin holes for battery holders, etc
  • compact layout