Battery requirement

Battery is not included. You will need to source your own Lithium-Polymer battery. This battery from Sparkfun or this one from Adafruit are good choices and will fit the provided case.

The maximum dimensions of the Lithium Polymer battery are the following:

Charging the battery – once your kit is assembled, you can charge the battery through the onboard charger whenever you plug it in through the USB port. The charging rate is set to 212mA (R3: 4.7k charging resistor, R2: 2K resistor yields 500mA charging rate). You should use a battery that is at least 500mAh. When charging, the onboard “CHRG” LED will turn ON, and will turn OFF when the battery is fully charged. If you have an OLEDMote loaded with the default sketch (see below) it will also show the battery voltage on the screen as it charges (need to turn it ON).