MotionMote R4 was designed with ease of assembly in mind. There are only a few steps required and minimal soldering.

Add the acrylic round standoff to the PIR sensor. Do not force the PIR sensor pins into the standoff holes – if there is any debris in the 3 lasercut holes, remove them with a pin.  Insert and solder the PIR sensor as shown:

Proceed to adding the LED, the helical antenna and the battery holder.

The LED is polarized – the longer leg goes to “+” on the PCB.

Make sure everything is nice and flush with the PCB (trim the LED leads) as this is important when putting everything in the case – when finished your PCB should look like this:

It is now time to complete the programming step before final assembly inside the enclosure.

You will notice there is no power switch on the MotionMote R4. As soon as the Battery is inserted it will start transmitting.

Carefully insert the PCB into the enclosure at an angle with the battery going in first. Wiggle it as needed to get past the mounting screw corners. Use one of the screws to attach the PCB to the mounting post inside the enclosure.

Finally, attach the front cover with the remaining 4x screws: