In this short guide we will assemble a Moteino R4. This guide is a complement to the main Moteino guide and you should probably see that guide for reference. You may follow these steps to build another type of Moteino as well.

You can find the design files and BOM on Github, and you can order your PCBs at OSHPark (faster) or PCBs.io (cheaper, 4x boards instead of 3x). Here is the schematic for the components:

Here is the Moteino pinout diagram:

And an official Moteino R4 for comparison:

For SMD soldering, you can get fancy and use solder paste along with a stencil. It’s pretty cheap to order yourself a stencil from the cream-layer of your board, but if you’re brave and like tinkering with chemicals, you can see this method of making a DIY stencil from a soda can:

Here’s how it would reflow in an oven once the paste is applies and components are in place (thanks Lukapple for sharing the video):

But in this guide we keep things simple and just use hand placement and direct soldering.

Let’s get started!