Author Topic: OutputPower setting in RegPaLevel (0x11) register for RFM69HW module  (Read 452 times)


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Hello All:
I was looking at the setPowerLevel(powerLevel) function in the RFM69 lib, and I saw the powerLevel is divided by 2 (if RFM69HW is used).

I searched and found a thread mentioning this;
0..15 ~ min..max
16-31 ~ min..max
So 0 is equivalent to 16 and 15 is equivalent to 31.
This is only true for HW.

However, datasheet states power setting is with 1 dBm setps. So for OutputPower = 31, output is 31-11 = 20 dBm.
It also mentions only the 16 upper values of OutputPower are accessible, so I can relate it with above statements...
I'm confused about this; can someone help understanding this? Thanks

I appreciate your help.