Author Topic: MoteinoMEGA + RFM95W - my experience with Radiohead lib (testing, range, etc)  (Read 820 times)


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Hi there,

Just a quick post (although the 1st one here) to share a bit of code for those wanting to go a bit further the Radiohead examples.
My goal was testing the following :

- Custom modem settings
- Play with headers
- Send any kind of data in a transparet manner.

The 1st one and last one worked without big issues. Playing with headers prevented me from sending and/or receiving data. Not sure to understand the library capabilities there.

As I'm not a developper, I took time to get things working. This is just a share which can help other. I tried to comment enougth the code to make it clear.

Comments a very welcome !

My next goals :
- Adding lowpower management
- Testing with Moteino LR as soon as I have the boards.
- Evaluating the range in noLOS and LOS conditions
- Speed up everything to get things embedded in the hot air balloon of my brother in law.

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Cool, i will be following your progress for sure :)