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Loop antennas revisited
« on: January 27, 2019, 02:44:36 PM »
I'm re-reading @joelucid's 2016 thread on small loop antennas ( and I wonder whether anyone has experimented some more and come to a final design?

I'm actually more interested in 915Mhz than 433Mhz and I just came across the Taoglas ILA.01 10mm x 3.2mm x 0.5mm ceramic small loop antenna which claims a peak gain of 1dBi. Although they did measure using a sizeable 80mm x 40mm ground plane... I wonder whether this antenna has the same benefits as Joe's loops (low noise and less detuning by nearby objects/hands)... Sadly it's $13 @qty1 at digikey, goes down to a more acceptable $3 in large volume at mouser...

Taoglas web page for this antenna:

Web page for similar antennas: