Author Topic: How to send the data from RFM69C module.  (Read 1447 times)


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How to send the data from RFM69C module.
« on: September 03, 2014, 04:34:07 AM »
Hello Every one , i'm new with RFM69 i can't understand how to send data from RFM69C module.

Bellow the configuration that i make for module.

0x0208,                   //RegDataModul, OOK, Packet 
     0x0502,                   //RegFdevMsb, 241*61Hz = 35KHz 
     0x0641,                   //RegFdevLsb
   0x0334,                   //RegBitrateMsb      32MHz/0x3410 = 2.4kpbs //////
    0x0410,                   //RegBitrateLsb                         ////////////
   0x130F,                   //RegOcp, Disable OCP
   0x1888,                   //RegLNA            200R 
     0x1952,                   //RegRxBw , RxBW, 83KHz
     0x2C00,                   //RegPreambleMsb 
     0x2D05,                   //RegPreambleLsb, 5Byte Preamble
     0x2E90,                   //enable Sync.Word, 2+1=3bytes
     0x2FAA,                   //0xAA, SyncWord = aa2dd4
     0x302D,                   //0x2D
     0x31D4,                   //0xD4 
     0x3700, //0x3702,                   //RegPacketConfig1, Disable CRC??NRZ encode, 01 ? Address field must match NodeAddress  /////////
    0x3815,                   //RegPayloadLength, 21bytes for length & Fixed length
     0x3C95,                   //RegFiFoThresh //////////////   
     0x581B,                   //RegTestLna, Normal sensitivity
     //0x582D,                   //RegTestLna, increase sensitivity with LNA (Note: consumption also increase!)
     0x6F30,                   //RegTestDAGC, Improved DAGC
     //0x6F00,                   //RegTestDAGC, Normal DAGC
     0x0104,                   //Enter standby mode 

in stand by mode i write and after that i goes in Tx mode but the packetsent bit does goes high. please any body can tell what the mistack i have made . and what is changes i have to done.
Thank you.


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Re: How to send the data from RFM69C module.
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2014, 08:49:34 AM »
Are you trying to write code from scratch? Did you try the RFM69 library?