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Title: What do i require in my rfm69 home automation ?
Post by: at on November 15, 2019, 12:54:34 AM
As a beginner, i do not know how do i set up and what do i need to setup. In my project, i should have more than five nodes in mesh network that could be controlled using mobile from anywhere. In this what else do i need like if i need gateway then using which controller do i make this gateway? Help me in making this whole structure of the project with necessary module or section i need other than node and with possible programming help.
Title: Re: What do i require in my rfm69 home automation ?
Post by: Felix on November 15, 2019, 09:32:30 AM
You mentioned beginner, so I believe you have no idea why you want a mesh network, or what that even is and how it works. And based on that I can say you don't need a mesh network.
You have to have a very special case to need that type of setup.

All you need is a star network. Meaning 1 node acting as a gateway, the other nodes being the end nodes, controlling and monitoring things.
I have posted a lot of blogs at lowpowerlab.com on this topic. The Moteino concept has started from this very initiative to control and monitor things, while being low power, small, affordable.
There are now many other approaches, but still I believe the sub-ghz radio modules (RFM69 being the most simple for home automation and things like you want to do) are the best for the task.

So .. what do you need? Get 2 Moteinos with RFM69-868/915mhz and start playing with them. There are many examples in the library that show how to send/receive from 1 end to another.
Then there is the Gateway project (http://lowpowerlab.com/gateway) where you can run a nice interface on a RaspberryPi and control it securely and in real time from anywhere you have internet (PC, tablet, smartphone, anything that can load a webpage).

There are many code examples in this forum, in the libraries, on the internet. You have to be code literate to know what you are doing.
Don't expect people to write working code for you, it won't happen. To learn to code you go to school a few years or read some books, watch some youtube video tutorials, etc. This is not a site to teach you coding.

Good luck my friend.