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Tune/Voice Recognition Mote
« on: January 03, 2016, 10:19:34 AM »
I thought I’d share something really cool that I’ve added to my Moteino Home Automation Gateway.

.........its a voice and sound recognition mote!
The first practical application is detecting the sound jingle of our LG washer and dryer upon completion.

A neat side effect is the Framework also counts how many loads we’ve done, combined.

The alert reaches my wife or I via an SMS on our phones!

I find this useful when I’m working outdoors as it alerts to swap out the next load.   

The Voice Recognition Module Rev3 I used is from Elechouse, it’s naturally an Arduino compatible. (you can probably get a good deal on this unit on Ebay too)  The manual can be found here...

I adapted the DOORBELL mote and hacked into the doorbell button software as it was an easy starting point.  I'm using the Voice/Sound Recognition Module’s Arduino routines to act like a bell ring, again, this was easy to adapt this way.

First I had to train the Voice Rec module with the Washer and Dryer’s Jingle, then I merged the sound recognition sketch into the doorbell Moteino script.

i..e Once the jingle is recognized it sends a detection signal that I piggy backed onto the doorbell mote software.

I contacted Felix of and let him know what I was up to, he came back with a really cool suggestion, i.e. using the same voice recognition module to arm home alarms.  (Yep!  Yet another cool mote idea!)

Some Tips:  Record just a short piece of the jingle as you’ll need to play it back several times to train your module.  You can record and train many other sounds.  Best of all it recognizes only your voice specifically… not others.  Hence the idea to use it to switch on alarms without needing to punch in arming codes, etc.

Hope you liked the ideas…

Below is the voice recognition software detecting the jingle...