Author Topic: Multi-station Sprinklers controller and sensors data collector  (Read 1053 times)


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Multi-station Sprinklers controller and sensors data collector
« on: November 11, 2015, 12:30:54 AM »
Hi guys,

  for the last year I'm working on a multi-station Sprinklers controller and environment data collection system - SmartGarden. Initially I started with a regular Arduino modules, but switched to Moteino Mega later on. The system works pretty well.

Master station is internet-connected, using W5500 Ethernet shield + Moteino Mega controller, Remote stations are using just Moteino Mega. Sprinklers valves are connected to both Master and Remote stations, Sensors are the same. My hardware supports both DC-operated (Orbit) sprinklers valves as well as regular 24VAC valves.

SmartGarden allows up to 10 Remote stations (soft limit, can be increased), and up to 64 sprinkler zones total across all stations.

List of supported sensors:

- BMP180 (Air pressure and temperature)
- DHT21 (Humidity and temperature)
- Soil moisture sensor (analog hookup)
- Thermistor temp sensor
- Water counter sensor (pulse counter)

Sensors data is collected from all stations and stored on MicroSD card in Master, WEB UI provides current and historical views as well as access to raw data (CSV).

I have a small blog dedicated to this project:
Source code and schematics available on Github:

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Re: Multi-station Sprinklers controller and sensors data collector
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2015, 08:11:18 AM »
Nice project and blog Tony, I hope you don't mind I added a photo from your website just as a sample, you can always add more with the [ img ] tag.