Author Topic: Moteino-based PC remote control?  (Read 422 times)


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Moteino-based PC remote control?
« on: May 14, 2017, 08:28:19 PM »
I've been thinking about how to make use of a Moteino for remote power/reset/serial access to a PC and I'm soliciting ideas to implement it, particularly with a Mightyhat.  A Moteino inside a PC should easily be able to provide virtual power and reset buttons and I imagine powering it from a 3d printed PCIe x1 card where I can get access to V-aux and ground (leaving open the options of also detecting Vcc to determine current power state and maybe interfacing to WAKE# - though I'm not sure if that adds anything vs a virtual power button, and maybe various thermal monitors).  I'm sure I can find ideas for transistors/relays to safely trigger power/reset, but suggestions are welcome.

Serial seems a bit more difficult to integrate.  I'll clearly need an RS232 to 3.3v TTL shifter, but sparkfun has an example of this.  The Moteino in the PC will need to relay data between radio and serial and I figure I'll need to split data into no more than 61 byte fragments and burn one or more bytes at the start of the fragment to indicate serial data (vs virtual power commands or state reporting or flash update) as it's sent over the radio.  On the RPi/Mightyhat gateway, I want the server to open a port per serial port and simply relay the data (without logging it!).  I'd like this to be compatible with how Lantronix devices expose serial ports, perhaps port 10000 + Moteino RF networkID.  I should be able to telnet to the port or use something like conserver to create a virtually persistent serial connection.  Higher baud rates are better, but I think I could make due with something as low as 9600 if I had to.  I'm expecting to connect to serial consoles of Linux servers, so as long as I have basic interactivity and it's fast enough to edit a file here and there and handle basic maintenance, it'll work.  Multiple of these would be in use simultaneously, but they hopefully won't all be spewing data at once.

Any initial thoughts on how feasible this is within the existing gateway software and pointers to how you might approach this?  Thanks!