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Title: Mote Terminal Interface
Post by: ColinR on March 14, 2015, 05:17:31 AM
So I previously mentioned the UniMote idea: one sketch to rule them all. Serial and RF control, reconfiguration, and polling of nodes, remote and local. I recently updated the post:


Blurged about it here: http://www.cupidcontrols.com/2015/03/unimote-v2-read-all-the-rf-things/ (http://www.cupidcontrols.com/2015/03/unimote-v2-read-all-the-rf-things/)

More important, I created a web UI for sending commands to motes. When setting up a network of nodes for multiple IO configurations, all I have to is pop on the the UI from my gateway.

In the screen cap below, you can see I'm sending a command to node 10, telling it to report its config parameters back to node 1 (the gateway).

Link here: http://www.cupidcontrols.com/2015/03/rf-mote-web-ui-program-all-the-rf-things/ (http://www.cupidcontrols.com/2015/03/rf-mote-web-ui-program-all-the-rf-things/)