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Mote Control Panel
« on: March 28, 2015, 01:56:06 PM »
Basic Overview:


<< Screenshot below >>

With the huge update to the UniMote code and some revisions to the python serial handler, we have the UniMote Control Panel.

It's great for deployment and configuration of multiple remote nodes without having to use unique sketches for each and plug in your FTDI when you want to change things. Like the original code, it stores reprogrammed configuration in Flash, and jams tons of stuff into a 328P.

Just set up your gateway and remote nodes with the sketch, drop in the python library, the html, and add your ScriptAlias to apache/mod_wsgi or nginx with wsgi handler (such as uwsgi) and you're good to go. Working on step-by-step install, but it's the same as standard CuPID libraries.

Documentation is not quite complete, a few notable things need to be fixed, but it works. A command sequence demonstration is on the way, limited by my patience with video editing.


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Re: Mote Control Panel
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Quite awesome, great work!