Author Topic: Humble Roots Project - Home Automation Applied To Medical Cannabis Cultivation  (Read 683 times)


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The Humble Roots Project is a grow room automation system designed to meet indoor cannabis horticulture challenges using open software, open hardware (Moteino, among others) and readily available consumer appliances. The project blends these elements together into an inexpensive, reliable, automated system, with a focus on sustainability. The application of the concepts and technology used as part of the Humble Roots Project is not limited to indoor growing or horticulture; it has far-reaching applications to many other automation scenarios where sensors, actuators, rules and data visualization are combined to solve a problem.

The project was entered as part of the Hack A Day Prize 2015 just yesterday.
Please show your support and give it some love :)

Growth Time Lapse

GitHub project page:
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Interesting Post. You can see the outline for my project, which contrary to opinions, is NOT a MJ growing project. My crop is lettuce. However, we share similar problems, as in PH, PPM, TEMP, and , WATER, and LIGHT measurements and controls. We both have dark and light periods. The major difference is my lettuce plant is worth $1.00, and your Pot plant is worth $1,000.00. I would be interested in the electronic and mechanical details if you wish to share info.  Don