Author Topic: Gateway TO-DO list --- (wanted features, bug fixes)  (Read 3166 times)


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Gateway TO-DO list --- (wanted features, bug fixes)
« on: March 02, 2017, 11:25:05 AM »
These are some future TODO items for the Gateway app, you may post new requests in this forum as separate threads where they will be discussed, they may or may not be added in this list.
As features get implemented they will be marked as DONE with the release they are included in.

Check out the detailed Github release change log.

Main app:
  • allow whole node raw data download (CSV) - pre-release solution here) - done in v8.9
  • backup of node data and logs (daily ZIP to USB drive?)
  • editable metrics events + GUI
  • BUG - remove double AM/PM from SMSes - done in v8.9
  • BUG - remove the {msg} from SMSes - done in v8.10
  • BUG - fix Garage Poll/events - reported here - fixed
  • custom node settings - ie allow custom voltage at node level - done in v8.10
  • plot RSSI for each node that has it - done in v8.10
  • sunrise-sunset API for SwitchMotes - done in v8.10
  • allow sendEmail() attachments - done in v8.10
  • allow tokenized REST/HTTP requests from wifi/lan/internet nodes - done in v9.0
  • Add support for SwitchMote status polling/refresh - this requires sketch mods as well

User Interface specific:
  • node/metric grouping for a more customized dashboard
  • + virtual node combine existing metrics/graphs
  • error/warnings passed onto front end GUI for acknowledgement
  • node graph (ie master graph or multi-graph) that includes all metrics graphs + CSV download (upgrade from current All node data CSV download) - done in v9.0
  • GUI for events scheduling
  • GUI for all events and time remaining until scheduled events will run - done in v8.10
  • implement settings types - text, numbers, email, range/sliders etc (in progress) - done in v8.10
  • metric graphs autoscaling top/bottom separate options - done in v8.10
  • allow a keyboard shortcut to restart server app for quick restarts - done in v8.10
  • display the app version in the UI - done in v8.10
  • BUG - low voltage warning icon overlap on narrow screens - done in v8.10
  • Custom title as a setting - done in v9.0
  • Dark theme - possibly driven by an LDR on the gateway/MightyHat or a node metric?
  • voice recognition actions
  • Main UI - display node metrics (values in the bubble) in the order they were added/enabled in the node details page (see this thread) - done in v9.1
  • + Node metrics - ability to grab and (re)sort metrics the same way as the main page nodes can be sorted on a PC browser - done in v9.1 (see item above)
  • GRAPH - ability to remove/delete graph data (proposed to zoom to desired range to remove, and have a DELETE button to remove the datapoints within that zoomed region) - done in v9.0
  • GRAPH - ability to annotate things on the graph (ie add labels)

Setup script:
  • bug - need to chown pi /data/db - done in v8.9
  • GPIO serial enable during setup - done in 9.1
  • redirect/copy setup console output to log
  • bug? - move raspi-config at the end of the script - reported to cause issues if currently run during setup - done
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