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Title: Exporting data from PiGateway to Home Assistant
Post by: hickse on June 12, 2021, 04:53:19 PM
I am interest in forwarding note data to other platforms, specifically Home Assistant.
I have a Motenio 8Mhz sending data to a Mighty Hat mounted on a Raspberry Pi 3 running the PiGateway software. The Mighty Hat is transferring data via the serial port on /dev/ttyAMA0.
I am interested in sharing the data with my Home Assistant installation running on other hardware while simultaneously porting to the PiGateway.  I have red that people are using MQTT or Node-RED. The MQTT use case modified the Moteino program to export comma delineated node data which I think may conflict or be incompatible with the PiGateway graphics so I haven't tried that.
The "serial in" node from Node-RED isn't able to connect with the serial channel while the PiGateway is using it. It throws a 'Cannot lock port' error.

Has anyone had success in forwarding data out from the PiGateway running on a Raspberry Pi?