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Title: SD-Card Breakout Documentation
Post by: jbucklew on July 30, 2020, 08:20:06 PM
Specifically I was wondering if all the solder pads on the SD-Card need to be connected to the Moteino M0 and if anyone has additional documentation for programming read/write of data.
Title: Re: SD-Card Breakout Documentation
Post by: Felix on August 01, 2020, 06:46:38 PM
On the Moteino shields page there is a photo and some sample code to read the SD card.

The photo shows silkscreen with the required pins that need to be connected:
- SPI pins (MI, MO, SCK, CS)
- power (3V, GND)
- EN (power enable) - this needs to go LOW as in the sample code to provide power to the SD card
- CD (card detect) - this one has an OPEN solder jumper, this pin is not commonly used

The code comments also illustrate the connections.
I just fixed the sample code missing includes so that should compile without issue.
I would suggest soldering pins to an SD card breakout and try it on a breadboard or with a Moteino, like this (notice only some the required pins are actually soldered):