Author Topic: Update on the SG1 encrypted protocol I posted earlier in the year!  (Read 669 times)


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As you might know, my big project over quarantine was an RFM69 library that includes encryption, error correcting codes, a low power beacon based sleep mode, automatic transmit power control, and a standard serial protocol for gateways to talk to computers.

As of now, I'm using it in real projects, and it seems to be working fine!  I think the protocol itself is pretty much finalized.

I've made a lot of bugfixes and reliability improvements, and KaithemAutomation now has full point-and-click, no code needed support for adding a gateway device, and adding devices that use that gateway, seeing their status, and tripping alarms if they go offline.

There's also support for multiple gateways, automatically choosing the best one, and remote gateways over MQTT.

What I don't have is reliable messaging or request-reply working with the gateway yet, the intent was always to do that in application code, to avoid wasting empty messages for replies, by letting you put useful data there, but I'd like to add something to make it easier.

I also eventually want to add some standard way of doing sensors that can describe their own data, for true plug and play use, but for now, the library is usable!  Pretty happy with this one!