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after month of research now I still have no overview about what's possible today in regards of low power receiver..
That's why I wanted to collect information and examples about ultra low power receiver.
My goal is to have a fast responding receiver with low power consumption. The application is a wireless camera flash trigger that lasts >6months
So far I tested
  • RFM95
  • RFM69
  • RFM219S (GFSK/OOK RX-only) approx 1mA, OOK, no preamble, fixed duty cycle, 2ms packet length

RFM95 - Here somebody claims to reach 0.9mA in RX mode - 30 symbol preamble
- 21 ms CAD interval

I would prefer a LoRa module like RFM95 to have the ability to send data in both direction. However one advantage as fas as I understood of OOK is, it's faster to transmit and the delay between sent and received signal is shorter.
Actually I only need to transmit a number between 0-255 as payload

What are your best archivings?

my current situation

I made a test pcb for RFM95/RFM219/RFM119 and a 328P clocked with 8mhz. Because I believed that maybe an OOK receiver would be simpler, faster and more power saving I started testing the RFM219&RFM119 modules. For them I bought also an USB programmer to program the internal eeproms and change parameter like duty-cycle.
However now I'm not sure if that's the right way as I found the keyword "CAD" for RFM95 and it's potential low power mode.

Maybe anyone of you can guide me trough that jungle or give me a hint. :)
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