Author Topic: I need to hire an experienced RFM69 & Moteino Guru for a 20 to 40 hour gig  (Read 2351 times)


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My prototypes are made and working well.     Last week they were used in a two day training exercise with great success.   I am launching a business based on the success of these photo’s.  Now I need a several iterations to refine the transmission and power utilization between controller and receiver.   My time is limited for the code work.   There are more moving pieces than I want to admit for me to get my first sales.   Thus, the reason to post up a 20 to 40 hour call for RFM coding help on Moteino Chips.   

A little background; the devices are used in firearms training, with a focus on SWAT and Law Enforcement.   The two day exercise was with 11 different regional SWAT teams.    I can tell you it was really exciting to see a prototype one had been working on for quite some time to be used.  Better yet, they actually liked it….  “Hey Mikey”

My background is in software development and IT.  30 years of it, and yes I guess I am an old guy.    NDA will be required.  I have one we can use.   

The focus work to be completed is:
1)   Send and receive function working better.  (a lot better than what I did)
2)   Functions around the “ACK”
3)   Re transmit.  (very critical here)
4)   Sleep and wake up functions
5)   Given time – Better distance work.   Currently I am at 250 yards with out of box code and antennas.   
        5.1)  400 to 500 is the reach goal but it needs to be during a windy day with rain as the parameter.   
        5.2)  We might look at adding a 2 watt transmitter to boost the signal.
6)   Given time ---  anything you can help for the future.   Based on sales we might add to it
7)   Big Goal --   Open source and object data structure that allows for everybody to build on it too.   (at the very least publish some things here on the forum)

Please reply and PM me if you are interested.   

PS..  I am serious about this project.   I spent 7 months researching patents and have submitted a provisional patent.   Now I have 11 months remaining to get some sales so I can file for a utility patent.   So this isn't for me a fly by night project or something I will change my mind on.  Last week for me proved I have something that could be commercially viable.