SwitchMote with single 16A relay

SwitchMote  and SwitchMote PSU are now available with a single 16A relay, instead of dual 10A relays. I realize this is most often the case that a second relay is not really necessary, except when replacing dual gang switches with a single gang SwitchMote, so I found this higher rating relay which can be soldered as shown in the guide. I also added the option to get it with a single 10A relay since most light applications now use either CFLs or LEDs and 16 amps are not really necessary for such small loads.

This new 16A relay requires removing two of the leads to make it fit the SwitchMote PCB, this is also added to the guide:

Worth noting here that the dual relay SwitchMote (a.k.a. 2x10A) is now the official kit that deprecates the older single 5A relay SwitchMote – that one has been discontinued and will only be available by special order.