MoteinoLeo: new LowPowerLab family member


Update: MoteinoLeo is now discontinued and no longer available for sale.


The difference between MoteinoLeo and the regularĀ Moteino is pretty obvious – it’s got built in USB. It’s conceptually an Arduino Leonardo clone, with an RFM12B transceiver solderable on the bottom, with a few minor changes and some added features. It runs at 16Mhz, 3.3v, has an optional FLASH footprint for data logging (wireless programming on Leo is not yet achieved, perhaps in the future if a custom bootloader will permit). There’s also a 750mA PTC fuse to protect the USB against shorts or over current.

Design files are on the MoteinoLeo Github repository.

Here’s a pinout diagram:


Compared to Moteino: