Mailbox notifier project upgrade

Time for an upgrade to my mailbox notifier. I long wanted to give it an upgrade and folks kept asking. Here are the things I wanted to change/add:

  • the transistor was a rather unnecessary complication and it made assembly more difficult. The hall sensor could simply be powered from a Moteino pin
  • a more weather proof enclosure would be nice
  • use more velcro to keep the thing from falling off (happened a few times when the mailman was more violent with my mailbox door).
  • how about battery voltage reading too!
  • upgrade code to use structs since all I’m sending is a bunch of integers
  • I wanted a standalone receiving unit with a LCD screen which I could operate from another 9V battery or just plug into an FTDI for quick reading. The other receiver on the RaspberryPi could still receive the same packets and still send an SMS


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