Shop now running on SSL

So far my site did not have a SSL certificate, mostly because it was not needed. Some people were concerned that their data is not secure when they check out at the webshop. That is partially true. The reason is that the financial stuff is done over at Paypal and the shop only captures the name and shipping information, not credit card numbers. If a very bored to death hacker is interested in intercepting and stealing one customer’s name and address at a time on my no-name site instead of just heading over at and stealing 400 million credit card numbers and transaction info all in one shot, then that could be a concern.

So anyway, to make everyone happy, I spent the $ and time to get this setup. Let’s hope my host did this right and there won’t be more down time. SSL is now for real and the shop should show as HTTPS, you should see this when you go there dear customer:


Happy secure shopping, and don’t forget to smile, every day is a blessing.