Omnipolar Magnetic/Hall Sensor

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Digital hall effect sensor (Honeywell SS451A, TO92-3 package) used in the Mailbox notifier project and in GarageMote.

Digital output that changes state when any magnetic field is detected nearby. This is not an analog hall effect sensor, it only has 2 output states: 0, 1. See datasheet for more details.
It is an OMNIPOLAR magnetic sensor, meaning it will detect both North & South poles, which means you don't have to worry about orientation!
It replaces the older Melexis-US5781LUA which was unipolar (detected South pole only), but they both have the same pinout:

This sensor will need a 1-10K pullup resistor between OUT and VDD. It will then output a 1/HIGH with no magnet present, and a 0/LOW with magnet present.

Click here for datasheet.