The MotionOLEDMote PCB has a few solder jumpers on it. These allow you to change the current default behavior of some functions. On the front there is the [DTR]/RTS setting for FTDI (DTR is default). On the back there is a “current test” jumper that allows you to measure the current in a more convenient fashion – just cut the jumper, and solder two small wires to the 2 pads or two adjacent pin holes – these can then be hooked to your multimeter to measure current consumption. The “Always ON” jumper is open by default, but allows you to use it in place of the power switch – just solder this jumper and the battery will power the circuit at all times. The “OLED +/- swap” jumper allows you to use OLEDs that have VCC and GND swapped. See picture below that visually explains these jumpers: