MightyBoost is the natural progression of ATXRaspi, but with a twist of new features:

  • 5V-1.5A boost supply.
  • LiPoly charger (default 200mA, 500mA via jumper, see explanation below)
  • Provide power from input as long as it’s present and charge LiPoly
  • Act as backup supply when power is cutoff and switches to LiPoly battery source
  • Moteino controlled mode (default) where Moteino will provide the smart features of a shutdown button and signalling to your Pi, BBB, etc. Moteino also senses when power is switched to backup and can sense battery level and make decisions when to signal Pi to shutdown cleanly (ie immediately or when battery finally runs out, etc.). That means you can control it in any way you want based on a number of inputs and conditions. Sample code will follow the release.
  • Standalone mode (via jumper) where it can be used as LiPoly to 5V boost supply. This allows you to power anything requiring 5V including for instance your internet modem or router or other things like that which you’d want to stay alive during an outage
  • Provides a boost for your Android/iPhone/iPad when in need
  • When coupled with Moteino, it could act as a compact smart backup PSU + Moteino gateway for your home automation, when a RFM69/RFM12B transceiver is added.