Why bother?

People ask why did I bother with making this when there are so many great IoT frameworks and interfaces out there? It’s because after reviewing some of them trying to decide which to choose, I realize each has some flaw or lack of functionality that I really wanted. So why not? I started coding one day to see how far I could get and pretty soon this software stack has taken shape. I kept refining and realized that instead of spending my time reviewing/learning other frameworks I can just create my own the way I like. I tried to keep in mind that others might want to use it as well for their Moteino IoT stuff so I tried to make it as easy to integrate as possible. I’ve given a lot of sample code and predefined nodes and metrics and events. But if you need custom nodes, events, graphs, appearance you will have to write your own which should be pretty straight forward if you grasp Javascript and are willing to do a little reading on the different APIs of the software stack (like the popular flot for graphing or neDB for storage).

Other reasons why I made my own IoT framework from scratch:

  • I want complete control of my data and don’t want it to sit in someone else’s “free cloud” which the cloud owner could profit from or be hacked into and get exposed/stolen/data-mined etc.
  • I want a fast, responsive, modular and easy to expand or customize, platform independent, easy to configure and understand interface that isn’t a clunky polling 5 button page and doesn’t look like a shuttle dashboard and that any average non-tech savvy person could use

I am perfectly aware some of you might think this software is no good and it lacks features and it doesn’t solve your problem and there are much better things out there etc etc. Please keep in mind I did not create this to solve everyone’s requirements or problems. I created this for use on my own hardware that I create as part of LowPowerLab and in hope that others who use my hardware will find it useful. If you don’t like it don’t use it, always use whatever makes your life the easiest and makes you the most productive.